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About Me

About me

A Little About Me

First of all thank you for taking the time to have a look at my work and what I do, It’s muchly appreciated. Now that you’ve got to this page you will be hopefully wanting to know a little about me so let me tell you.

I’m experienced creative designer based in Sheffield. I have dealt with multiple clients on various projects throughout the United Kingdom from Sports Clubs to large retailers. I studied Multimedia and Communication Design at University and alongside my Honours Degree in this, sits A-levels in Art and Design, IT, Geography and Psychology.

I have always taken pride in all the work that i do and have now gained some strong and on-going client relationships through previous projects. I now work for a large outdoor company as a professional creative designer working on both web and illustrative work throughout the company. This has provided me with valuable commercial experience which has helped me mature as a designer.

I work with a multiple selection of software to create graphic work, logo design, web design, flash and animation.

Please feel free to have a look at my ever growing portfolio of work.

Key Skills & Abilities


GO Outdoors Ltd: Web / Graphic Designer & E-mail Marketing Manager (2008-Present)

Within my two years as a designer at the company my skills have grown excessively through a much-developed role. I have worked in print design as well as web design and e-mail marketing and now stand as the senior web designer and e-mail marketer in a experienced team.

I have helped to build and launch two highly successful brands within the industry and continue to promote these both online and offline. As well as this my e-mail campaigns have seen an increase in open-rate by over 300% with improved CTR and conversion rate over a 2 year period.

I have launched a highly successful online Festival campaign, which has brought in both high traffic and revenue to the company over the summer months of 2008 and 2009. In addition to this I have recently launched the official website for a huge outdoor brand name ‘Hi Gear’. This compliments the launch of the new multimillion pound GO Outdoors website. I was the sole designer behind both these now hugely successful websites.

Freelance Creative Designer (2005-Present)

For many years I have worked on various projects for companies based in and around the Sheffield area. Building my client base has always been very important to me and this is visible through my portfolio of work and the diversity of designs I have produced.

Accompanying this is a selection of personal projects that I have worked on. With equal importance to the client based work have done, more personal works have always been a chance to express myself and draw on some of the processes and techniques that I have learnt throughout my career. I try to return to the basic pen and pencil technique of drawing as much as I can in my spare time.

Selfix Technology: Brand Management And Development (2007-2008)

I worked with a highly motivated up and coming property based client to produce a content managed system for various properties. The site now stands firmly on the web with traffic increasing and an increased interest in the companies? properties in the area.


GCSE: 10 A-C Grades (Beverley Grammar School)

A-Level: Art, IT, Psychology and Geography (Beverley Joint Sixth)

BA Multimedia and Communication Design (Sheffield Hallam University)

Achievements and Experiences

Fulwood Sports Club, Sheffield

Fulwood Sports club in Sheffield is currently becoming a very successful multi sport club with website visits increasing day by day. The website I produced for the company has increased traffic ten fold over its first year and is projected to continue with this rapid growth over the coming years.

Sevenhills Estate Agents, Sheffield

I worked with a highly motivated up and coming property based client to produce a content managed system for various properties. The site now stands firmly on the web with traffic increasing and an increased interest in the companies properties in the area.

Interest and Hobbies

In my spare time away from design I enjoy playing football in a local team on a regular basis. This links to my work with the Millennium volunteers, an organisation working to help improve community spirit through targeting the sporting skills of young people. I enjoy playing tennis, usually at my local leisure centre with friends and workmates. One of my main passions however is snooker. This is an interest I have had for many years and I play each week in a team and take part in local tournaments. I also watch a lot of films in my spare time. I go to the gym and enjoy swimming. As well as running in the surrounding area.